About Our Newly Launched Ernadi Candles!


About Ernadi Candles 

Save on energy bills by keeping home warm and brighten up the ambience with our eco-friendly, clean burn, long lasting scented candles.

Ingredients: 100% organic coconut and bees waxes, fragrance oil, colouring, zinc & lead-free wick.

Benefits of Beeswax Candle:

- Healthiest candle wax.
- Releases negative ions that cleans the air.
- Zero chemical compound.
- Odour neutraliser.
- Environmental friendly.
- Longer burn time.

Benefits of Coconut wax:

- Obtained and sustainable by natural processes.
- Slow and even burn.
- Deforestation not an issue.
- Amazing scent throw.
- Smokeless and soot free.
- Non GMO product.

All our Candles are:

- Hand made in England.

- 100% beeswax and coconut wax blend

- Cotton wicks and recyclable jars and tins.

The candles contain the medium % of fragrance that candle wax can hold which make it bearable for anyone as the fragrance load is not overpowering.