Hi - I'm Anne Made and welcome to Ernadi!

It all began many years ago when friends and family used to ask me to make things for them. As I grew I began rendering services to friends and family. Over time it eventually turned into a full time business where I distribute my products and selling them wholesale under the name; JissyWorld Creations.

The online store which was launched in 2018 is the final part of my dream to make JissyWorld Creations a world wide store and I am so proud and grateful for all the support and love my store has received from happy customers around the globe, the development that births ‘MaReal Deal’ and ‘Ernadi’. Whereby, Ernadi becomes our brand name.

So please look around and find for yourself, parents, siblings, families and friends the very best essential products, all sold at a great value with unbeatable prices and excellent customer service. 

Happy Shopping!